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Why Donate?

Has information on why you should consider being an organ donor.


Questions and Answers to many different issues including the laws in different states.


Flyers, brochures, and links to more information about organ donation.


Awareness videos produced by Pa-Hin Lodge.

About Us

Who is the Pa-Hin Lodge and the Order of the Arrow?-

Her Name was Alexa.

She was 14 and from West Fargo. She died waiting for a double lung transplant.

She was one of 11,000 in America who die every year waiting for an organ donation.

None of us want to think of something tragic happening to us, but if it did, wouldn’t it be better if it gave others the chance to live?

Scouting for Life

The North Dakota legislature has now made it possible for people as young as 14 to be listed on their driver’s licence or permit as an organ donor.

Scouting for Life is a service project of the Pa-Hin Lodge, the Order of the Arrow lodge for the Northern Lights Council. The Order of the Arrow is Scouting's National Honor Society. Pa-Hin Lodge and the Northern Lights Council represents youth in Scouting across the entire state of North Dakota as well as parts of western Minnesota, northern South Dakota, and northeastern Montana.